Jannes Herman-Mostert | 25 april 2024

Progress on project Taman Buah – Food Forest in Monokwari

IN cooperation with the Dutch Enterprise Service (RVO) and the Vilanova School in Monokwari, we realized important steps in accomplishing our project ‘Taman Buah’ – food forest.
With the help of permaculturalist Reville Saw, and Daan Goppel we managed to have a good working-approach for ideal planting. With a broad diversity of local plants and saplings. But also adjusted to the field and the condition to the moment.
By taking more time for letting the grass grow and cutting it for mulch, we ‘lost’ some time, but increased the chances for survival of our planted material. Also a part of the area needs some drainage, making sure to roots don’t get too ‘wet feet’. All with all a feeling of happiness and satisfaction is caused by the high survival rate of the planted material and of course, because the cause of our project is wonderful. A greener school, with healthier food, where you can learn skills for the future.

The first mulching process was important to create a first fertile layer protecting the plants and helping them to grow. Trees had to be bought and delivered, planting holes to be dug.
On several occasions also the schoolchildren were involved in helping to plant the trees. All with all a joyous moment! Many fruit types, trees, bushes and roots are introduced.

It is not a secret that we hope that this food forest garden will inspire the school, the children, the staff and the families back home. In the mean time the fruit can also provide in healthier and more complete diet.  To increase the part of the menue that is self produced.

Currently, after a long period of excessive rain, we are seeking ways to organize the drainage in the planting field in a better way, so the remainder of the trees to be planted (many do not prefer swampy land) will have a better success rate.
Also these weeks we are planning to strengthen our cooperation with UNIPA for the next step of planting hundreds of extra trees on their University terrain.
All great work to do! We are grateful to our partners, donors and everybody who helps us out with this +3000 trees project.